Faith In Firefighting #1

Leviticus 1:3 “…it must be a male with no defects.”

We all know that the sacrificial system of the Old Testament was always intended to reflect the future, perfect sacrifice of Jesus’s death on the cross for our sins. But even with all the illustrations the Bible provides, this is still sometimes a difficult concept for us to grasp given our selfish and sinful nature. Then, today, the Holy Spirit, in all His Gracious Wisdom, made me think about ladders.

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Ladders are regularly tested in the fire service, for obvious reasons. When you’re trusting your life with something you’re climbing, you’ll want to make sure it’s capable of supporting your weight. If defects are found, the ladder will be taken out of service and replaced, for no firefighter in their right mind would climb a defective ladder.

And so it is the same with Jesus. A weak, defective sacrifice would not spare us from the judgement of our sins just as a weak, defective ladder wouldn’t support us and the weight of our equipment. If we were to trust in such a ladder, we know we’d risk falling to our deaths. Like I said, no firefighter would do such a thing.

But still we take this very risk with our immortal souls which are so precious to God! We live on the edge of self-reliance every day, the weakest ladder if there ever was one, instead of trusting Jesus the way we should!

He is the Perfect Ladder on which we can rest in faith as we climb through life toward eternity. He was tested and tempted as we are and found to be without defect. He was God in the flesh, who offered himself to death in our place, trading us our sin for His Righteousness and right-standing with God. Trust in His Perfection and His Death, and His Life will be yours forever.

“All to you Jesus, I freely give. As long as there’s breath in these lungs, I will live. With reckless abandon, my heart in Your Hands! Surrender it all, I’m going all in.”

-Matthew West


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