Ten Reasons Why A Captain Should Support His Firefighter In A Meme War Against His Driver


1: He won’t be going into the fire with you, I will. So leaving a few likes on my posts might help persuade me to drag you out if you go down.

2: My memes are better. You know they are. Stop pretending.

3: You’re doing it on purpose because you know it aggravates me. You know you are.

4: Crew continuity.

5: Studies show supporting your firefighter over your driver leads to increased big ol’ buck kills and big ol’ fish catches.

6You as the captain set the example for how your crew is treated. If you do it, other people might start to as well. You could accidentally ruin a man’s Facebook reputation by making the wrong decision.

7: It hurts my feelings.

8: I have always supported you in your bee business even though I had numerous opportunities to betray your secrets to smaller bee farmers, like Wallybees.

9: I’m growing on you. You already admitted it.

10: Joey is unpredictable. He could turn on you any day. He looks like the kind of guy who’d betray you for a soft taco. Seriously, I bought him a fireman water hose nozzle for Christmas and look what he’s doing to me. I, however, am loyal to the end. Take my side. You won’t regret it.

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